Understanding CBD Oil Extraction Methods: Why Green Soul Chooses the Alcohol Method

Understanding CBD Oil Extraction Methods: Why Green Soul Chooses the Alcohol Method


The wellness revolution brought forth by CBD has a lot to do with quality, and quality begins with how CBD is extracted. With a plethora of extraction methods available, determining the most effective way to isolate the essential cannabinoids from the hemp plant is crucial. At Green Soul, we’ve found our gold standard: alcohol extraction. Dive in with us to explore the various extraction methods and discover why we swear by alcohol extraction for the highest quality CBD oil.

Common Methods of CBD Oil Extraction

CO2 Extraction

When it comes to CBD extraction, CO2 extraction is often the first that comes to mind. A study published in The Plant Journal praises its efficiency and ability to yield a pure, unadulterated product. However, the downside is significant: the procedure requires specialized equipment and a high level of expertise, making it an expensive option.

Hydrocarbon Extraction

Another contender in the realm of CBD extraction is hydrocarbon extraction, using solvents like butane or propane. While the method is easier on the pocket compared to CO2 extraction, a 2018 study raises red flags regarding the potential toxic residues left behind in the final product.

Olive Oil Extraction

Olive oil extraction is the granddaddy of them all—simple, safe, but unfortunately, not the most effective. A 2013 study indicates its inefficiency, making it less suitable for commercial-scale production of high-quality CBD oil.

The Alcohol Method: Green Soul’s Choice for Unmatched Purity and Quality

The Essence of Purity

Alcohol extraction doesn’t just produce a pure extract; it ensures the full spectrum of cannabinoids remains intact. Unlike other methods that rely on winterization to purify the oil—a process that may compromise the product’s quality—alcohol extraction stands out for its fidelity to natural composition.

The Science Behind Alcohol Extraction

According to a 2019 research paper, alcohol extraction is highly proficient in isolating cannabinoids and poses a minimal risk of leaving behind harmful residues. This time-tested method has garnered trust and continues to be a reliable choice for a pure and potent CBD product.

Why Quality is Non-Negotiable at Green Soul

Our Pledge for Quality

We’re not just in the business of selling CBD; we’re in the business of delivering quality. Each batch of our CBD oil undergoes stringent third-party testing to assure you of its purity and potency.

Customer-Centric Approach

Our mission is to make a difference in your life, and we know that begins with the product we offer. That’s why our customer service isn’t just a department; it’s an ethos. We’re always here to answer any questions, clarify doubts, and ensure that you’re fully satisfied with your Green Soul experience.


In a market flooded with CBD products, the method of extraction plays a pivotal role in setting the quality benchmark. At Green Soul, we’ve made our choice: alcohol extraction. Because when it comes to your well-being, no compromise should be made. Choose Green Soul for CBD oil where quality meets customer care.

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