CBD Oil 5% (500mg) 10ml with MCT Oil


5 % CBD distilled oil with MCT oil.

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CBD- Cannabidiol, is one of the chemical compounds or cannabinoids found in hemp or marijuana. CBD is a chemical compound extracted from a Cannabis Sativa plant also called hemp. CBD contains only a small amount of THC – Tetrahydrocannabinol. These CBD oils are extracted and packed in different ways. 5% CBD oil means it has half the amount of CBD- Cannabidiol drops. Even though it’s extracted from Marijuana and hemp, CBD is not that intoxicated due to little amount of THC. CBD is used and is adopted by many people due to growing awareness about its health benefits such as:

Anxiety: One of the major reasons people use CBD is to get relief from stress and anxiety. Using 5 % CBD Oil will help you reduce stress by interacting with your receptors and serotonin. The CBD oil will help you relieve anxiety by reducing stress, helps in better sleep in case of insomnia, etc.

Pain relief: Many people use 5 % CBD Oil for pain relief, due to its properties and interaction with the cells. If you are not sure about using it, check with a small amount.

Apart from these, there are many health benefits that make CBD oil useful, however, if you do not understand or never used CBD oil, gain knowledge about CBD, and begin with small amounts. CBD oil comes with different percentages, each having a different level of impact and quantity. 5 % CBD Oil D will have a different effect.

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