CBD Oil 10% (1000mg) 10ml with MCT Oil


10 % CBD distilled oil with MCT oil.

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Green Soul brings you the best experience of CBD in the most potent form. The 10% CBD oil with a high concentration of CBD- Cannabidiol, and cannabinoids in its bottle embraces the features and benefits of CBD for various uses. Since the awareness of CBD has increased, the use of CBD by many people has gained due to its health benefits. CBD is not highly intoxicating due to less quantity of THC in CBD oil. CBD oil is one of the chemical compounds extracted from marijuana or hemp and is used for many reasons such as anxiety relief and pain relief. CBD – Cannabidiol is non-psychoactive but interacts with your endocannabinoid system that is responsible for your hormones. The improved formula for extracting CBD provides better concentration and high quality.

When CBD oil is extracted, the concentration of oil is different in different bottles or quantities. The 10% CBD oil means the amount of CBD per drop, a 10 ml bottle offers 200 drops, to calculate the concentration of total CBD, divide the CBD Mg by drops.

Premium quality 10% CBD oil UK by Green Soul

We at green soul do not compromise with quality, mediocrity is not our forte, we extract CBD oil from an authentic and clean source, and the hemp plant is grown in a clean place, and without the use of any artificial fertilizers, so you can ensure our CBD oil has all the potential properties and benefits retained. We have always believed in quality over quantity, so with our transparent and streamlined process, we develop premium quality CBD products.

Explore through a range of CBD products at Green Soul

You can explore a wide range of CBD products, these CBD products including 10% CBD oil UK are tested to ensure it’s safe and perfect to use. Find out various products and select according to your requirement, if you are a first-time user, begin with a small amount to get used to the experience. Our products are tested and passed through intensive quality checks, so you can experience the benefits of CBD to its full potential.

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