CBD hand creams

There are countless ways to use CBD (cannabidiol). However, if you are seeking relief from pain and aches or some good help with skin ailments, topical CBD can be your best bet. These creams facilitate skin tightening and moisturization and alleviate conditions like eczema, psoriasis, etc. CBD hand creams offered by Green Soul are infused with totally hemp-derived cannabidiol, which helps in skin softening and smoothening to a great extent. The cream has a calming fragrance that delivers comforting relief for dry, sore hands. It is also helpful in alleviating aches in joints and muscles and locks in moisture to give you supple and healthy skin all day long.

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Why choose Green Soul’s CBD hand cream?

Anyone would love a product that is suitable for all skin types, and that’s what CBD hand creams offered by Green Soul are. You can use it on any skin type freely. Furthermore, the product is paraben-free and cruelty-free. It offers 24-hour moisture, thus, promising soothed and soft skin. It has a pleasing and calming scent which you will love. CBD hand cream is a non-psychoactive product with very low THC.

The cream offers hydration to your parched hands, rendering them the feel you have always craved for. You can apply the product any time you want, in the suggested amount for a snappy hit of hydration. The antioxidant features of the product help combat oxidative stress that accrues in us in everyday life due to stress, extreme weather, or pollution. The product is completely vegan and gluten-free. Our CBD hand creams are made from high-yield industrial and organic hemp cannabis extracts, with the highest ethical principles in mind.

How to use a CBD hand cream?

Clean and dry your hands before applying the cream. Now take the cream in the suggested amount, apply a thin layer, and rub it gently on your hands until it assimilates into your skin. And voilà! The product nourishes your hands, offers muscle recovery, and relieves aching joints as well.

With CBD hand creams offered by Green Soul, your hands are all set to receive a boost of moisture and comfort!

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