Dry Herb Portable Vaporizers

Vaporizers vary in design, size, operating mechanism and power supply. In this category you will find dry herb vaporizers that you can take with you anywhere. They will fit in your bag, backpack or even your pocket. These devices are tailored to the needs of active vaping fans who spend their free time away from home and also want to have access to a vaporizer in all conditions.

It is an alternative or addition to a desktop vaporizer. It is chosen by those looking for a mobile and discreet device. Some treat it as a second vaporizer that they can use outside the home. In the privacy of their own four corners, they choose an efficient desktop vapes.

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Advantages of portable vaporizers

Their main strength is their mobility. You can always have a portable vaporizer with you, regardless of whether you are with a friend, in a park or on holiday abroad. You can take it to the office, to the university, out of town or shopping. It is compact in size and can fit not only in your hand but also in your pocket. To work, it does not need access to electricity, which is a limitation for desktop vaporisers.

Portable vaporizers are discreet in many ways. Not only are they small in size, but they also come in attractive, minimalist designs. In addition, the smell emanating from the device is virtually undetectable but vapor is high quality. The same goes for the smoke, which is much smaller than in desktop devices. The price of a mobile vaporizer is also worth mentioning. You can buy it cheaper than a desktop vaporizer. This is due to its lower performance and capabilities. It has a battery that needs to be charged. Some devices operate on a charged battery lasts only one hour. You also have to put up with a less intense flavour. What about heating system? You can find three different types : hybrid, conduction and convection heating. Most of our vaporizers are with precise temperature control, usb-c charging (e.g Pax 3 vaporizer). We offer best portable vaporizers for everyone – top brands like : Arizer, Storz & Bickel, X-Vape, DynaVap, Pax Labs, DaVinci, Fenix, Sticky Brick Labs.

How to choose a dry herb portable vaporizer?

If you are about to choose your first mobile vaporizer, you should know what to make sure it works well for you. A portable dry herb vaporizer should be small, compact and easy to use. We check plenty of battery life of selected models and the temperature range. Also important is the heating and charging time as well as the power and performance. The display used in the device affects the comfort of its use and the quality of data presentation. More demanding users will find additional functions for example direct contact through mobile app, herbs and concentrate insert, high vapor quality or the Super Boost mode for extremely fast heating.

We focus on innovation, convenience, comfort and an above-average vaping experience, which is why we have selected some of the best portable vaporizers currently on the market.

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