Best Desktop Vaporizers 2023

You can buy a portable vaporizer to take with you everywhere, or a larger and more powerful device for stationary use. These types of vaporizers are characterised by more extensive functionality. They are ideal for recreational group vaporization, where there are many people using them. They must therefore be designed for more intensive and stable operation.

A desktop vaporizer will therefore be the right choice for people who are looking for a device not only for themselves, but also for their friends. It is ideal for recreational inhalation during social gatherings. Moreover, it is a device for more demanding vaporization fans who expect from the device high performance, power and comfort of use.

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Advantages of best desktop vaporizers for dry herb and concentrate


There are certainly more advantages than disadvantages. However, when it comes to the darker side of these devices, it can be said that their range of use is limited, as you can only use them at home. They are also larger in size, so we need space to store them. They need constant access to electricity, and they also produce a large cloud (an advantage for some, however).

All these disadvantages are compensated for by the strengths of desktop vaporizers. They stand out for their high power output, which also translates into greater efficiency. The smoke is thicker and the aroma more intense. Such devices are equipped with effective mechanisms for heating up the dried product. In this case, we are dealing with both conduction and convection heating. Nothing is wasted and the active ingredient is released in maximum quantity. A very important advantage of desktop vaporizers is the temperature control. This allows us to adjust the temperature to suit the particular dried product and thus preserve all of its best ingredients. The air used to heat the dry is perfectly clean and free of harmful substances.

Innovative solutions in 2023 offered by Green Soul

Vaping is gaining popularity, it has a growing circle of fans. Manufacturers are very effective in keeping up with the changing expectations and requirements of users, so they offer a lot of innovations. An example is the Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer manufactured by Storz & Bickel. It offers classic balloon inhalation and additionally vapour inhalation through a silicone tube. The device can be controlled by a mobile application. Another interesting option is the Plenty Vaporizer with a cooling coil, thanks to which you get cool and thick smoke at the same time. Our offer also includes Volcano Classic or V-Tower.

Check out our desktop vaporizers for vaping at home, with friends, in the best company.

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