Vaporization, or ‘vaping’, is a smokeless way of inhaling dried fruit using a suitable device – a vaporizer. The dried herb inside is heated, but not burnt. This allows you to obtain the maximum amount of active substances, but without tar. It is a healthier alternative to traditional smoking, which is why it is gaining popularity. New vaporizers are appearing, even more effective, more efficient and adapted to the changing needs of the user.

Vaporization has found its way not only into entertainment and recreation, but also into medicine. There are several types of vaporizers. They range from small mobile devices to more complex desktop ones. They are powered manually or electronically. Thanks to this diversity, everyone can choose the vaporizer that best suits their needs and habits.

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Portable and stationary dry herb vaporizers

As the name suggests, desktop vaporizers are mains-powered, so require access to electricity. They are usually more powerful, with a more powerful heater, so they are perfect for group vaping. Many models feature a large chamber for dry ingredients. Desktop vaporizers are usually convection devices. The dry ingredients are heated by a stream of hot air. This has a positive effect on their performance, which is usually better than that of portable vaporizers.

When it comes to mobile devices, they are certainly smaller, lighter and more handy. Their size sometimes allows them to be carried in a pocket. They work well for one person who can inhale anywhere without access to electricity. Portable vaporizers can be conduction vaporizers, so the vapour is heated by direct contact with a high temperature surface.

Electronic or manual vaporizer?

Manual vaporizers are otherwise known as butane vaporizers, which has to do with the way the device is heated. It is heated by a lighter which is filled with butane, hence the name of this type of vaporizer. They are characterised by simple construction and operation, but require the user to be more involved in the preparation of the dried product. Electronic vaporizers in most cases are equipped with, among other things, a temperature stabiliser which is responsible for maintaining the temperature at the right level. The dried product is only heated to a temperature that allows maximum activity but does not lead to combustion.

All the vaporizers available in our shop come from reputable and valued manufacturers. These devices have been selected by us taking into account their workmanship, efficiency, functionality and comfort of use.

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